Saving Electricity.. it’s so simple

Hello All,

     I’m Jada Parris and I am studying Environmental Studies and Spanish. Currently I am living in the Sustainability House which has been very rewarding to me. I live with four other people whom are also very interested in living in a sustainable manner and being more aware of the amount of resources and energy a person uses everyday.

I have been looking into electricity and how much of it is used in homes and buildings, and the numbers are indeed scary sometimes. In many households, plugs are left in the socket all the time. I believe that it is an unconscious habit that people have and don’t really think much about. One easy way to save on electric is by unplugging appliances whenever you aren’t using them. Another great tip is to put timers on things such as televisions at night time so the tv isn’t watching you while you sleep.

Pennsylvania is number 32 in electricity use in the United States. Most of the electricity is used on heating in homes. Depending on where you are, electricity can be dispersed differently. A small challenge for your household is to see how many sockets will you begin to unplug when they are not in use? (excluding appliances such as the refrigerator)

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