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Kindergarten, First Grade & Third Grade, OH MY!

Hey everyone!

Can you believe it’s almost March already? This semester is flying by and before we know it, it’ll be over! However, with this crazy weather we have been having, between the cold and warmer days, it partially feels like spring and summer are on it’s way.

As you already know the other housemates and I presented a Reduce, Reuse, Recycle lesson to the Kindergarten Class at the Albright Early Learning Center last semester. This lesson included what the three R’s are, ways to change your lifestyle and how one can become more sustainable. We even made K-Cup planters to show the children a fun way to reuse K-Cups.

This semester, specifically this coming week, we will be presenting this lesson once again to the whole first grade at 13th and Union Elementary School! This is, us the members of the Sustainability House will be sharing ways to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle to even more children. This is very exciting for us because we are getting the opportunity to give these children a better understanding of what it is like to be sustainable.

When we visit 13th and Union this week, we will also be getting more helpers and volunteers to help out with our lesson to assure that everything goes smoothly and as planned. These volunteers are my fellow classmates who are enrolled in a fundamental science class from preschool to fourth grade. One of the main goals of the Sustainability House is to not only learn new and fun ways to live sustainable, but to share what you know to younger generations and really make a difference. We are “planting the seed” of what its like to be sustainable to these first graders. It is our time to make a difference.

A few weeks following this lesson, as the other housemates have previously mentioned, the third grade students will be coming to us for tours of the house. During these tours, the children will see what really goes on when you live sustainable. They will be able to see how we recycle, compost, and reuse things as much as possible. Another fun thing the children will be able to observe during their visit is our Infographics we have made that are in the kitchen, dining room, bathroom, living room and basement. On these infographics, they show statistics of how much energy, and water are being consumed out of silly every day habits. During the tours we will be able to explain these infographics on a more child-like scale for them to really understand. Our goal of these tours is for the children to see something we do, and share it with their parents when they go home and that is how everything begins.


Can’t Wait to fill everyone in after our lesson!


~ Jess 🙂