Energy Usage When Being Sustainable

Watching the sustainability house grow can be a very enlightening thing to see and take part in. My chore for this the month of November was to observe the energy usage of the sustainability house. I did this by looking at the data an efergy meter presented to me that was hooked up to our energy.

This meter was actually very helpful, and it even goes as far as showing the price in energy that the house costed each week.

What is a efergy meter?

An efergy meter is a small white box that can be hooked up to the house to show the data for the energy usage of the house. It is very helpful because not only does it show the amount of energy the house is using, but it shows how much it cost us weekly to use that energy. It is a very enlightening tool to have in your home and you can compete with yourself to try and have lower energy intake each month. If interested, you can find the products of efergy here:

So, why does it matter?

Well, living in the sustainability house means being sustainable, right? We try and compete with ourselves as I had mentioned previously and improve our numbers each month. Although one might think, what can do to conserve energy other than unplugging chargers and appliances and turning off the lights, there is much more!

What you can do! 

As I said before, yes, you can unplug your appliances and focus on the lights, but you can develop more habits to help conserve energy. Some of these being to hang dry your clothing. This can conserve much energy in the long run and can help elastics in your clothing last longer as a bonus. Another thing you can do is focus on not leaving the fridge open when you are grabbing something from it, just get what you need and run. Not only can you improve by adopting certain habits, but you can buy appliances that will help as well. You can buy ecofriendly light bulbs, and set timers on heaters to turn off when you are sleeping.

One of the main house goals we set is to try and impact the people around us more than previous years. Please let us know if you will be trying any new ways to conserve energy, or if you have any new ideas on what the sustainability house can do! Opinions are always welcome!

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