Gas Use: What Can We Do?

Hello all! My name is Anna Sheridan, I am a sophomore at Albright College studying environmental science. Since arriving on campus my freshman year, the sustainability house always intrigued me. I knew I wanted to be a part of something a little bit bigger than dorm life and be around people who share the same interests and concerns as me. Those two reasons (among others) are the reasons I am living in the house today! For this month, I was assigned monitoring of gas and water use for the house. So without further ado, let’s talk about gas!

It is next to impossible this day and age to go without the use of natural gas. It is used in virtually everything, from powering our vehicles, to warming our homes in the winter, and even cooking food! Natural gases are known as un-renewable resources, meaning that we consume them faster than they can be produced. This creates a problem for our environment, since environments are destroyed in order to obtain these gases. So, what can we do to limit our use of natural gases and what are other alternatives?

Let’s start with something simple, carpooling! Carpooling with friends or co-workers is a great way to limit the amount of gas we use, and you get to enjoy a car ride with company! Another way we can limit our usage is during the winter, try not to blast your house with heat. I know that can be uncomfortable at times, but try to set your thermostat 5 degrees lower during the winter months and bundle up with blankets. Not only will you be saving the planet, but you will be saving money as well!

I’ll be honest and say that gas usage is not something that is always on my mind, but I do try to think about how much I am consuming. Sometimes all it takes is a conscious mind, and remember, every action helps when you’re trying to save the planet!

Until next time,

Anna Sheridan

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