Gardening With The Kids and DIY Almond Milk

            This week has been rough and I know the upcoming weeks are going to bring a lot of work too. I can say that the garden event with 13th and Union 1st graders was a success last week and the week before that. For those that may not have heard about this event already, our house invited over 1st graders of 13th and Union to learn about basic concepts of sustainability, permaculture, and planting seeds. They were very excited and had a lot of questions as well as a lot to share. Erin Sullivan, the VISTA, helped make this event possible by coordinating permission slips, bringing the kids over with the teachers, and supervising the children. She followed up with me after all the events were over and expressed how much the kids loved the event and had a lot of fun. The second graders even got a little jealous and want to visit the garden. I wish we could’ve done more events with more grades but the PSSAs were going on this time of the year and we are very busy with final projects and exams ourselves. Before leaving the house this semester, I hope we can discuss ideas, topics, event ideas amongst the housemates to create a guide for the next housemates. This event or something similar should continue in the future to start getting younger kids to think about the interconnectedness of their lives and the world.

            Apart from the garden event that I hosted this semester, Sam, our one housemate, has been getting into making her own almond milk. Between herself and I, we use a lot of almond milk/cashew milk containers, which are not recyclable or compostable. She wanted to avoid this by trying a more natural approach to almond milk by doing it herself at home on our dining room table! She soaks the almonds in water overnight and then mushes it and makes a liquidy paste out of it. The first time, the almond milk was pretty chunky but now she bought a special bag for it online, which will hopefully keep the chunks out for smooth almond milk. Down below there is a link for how to make your own almond milk at home.


Have a good summer and try to keep the AC off!




1 thought on “Gardening With The Kids and DIY Almond Milk

  1. Norma Burnson

    Hello Renee,

    My name is Norma Burnson. I am the author of the Sustainable Food for the Globe book series and an Executive Director for Energime University.

    Your blog is very interesting and your commitment to sustainability resonates very me.

    The areas I focus on are; food production, the rescuing wasted food and education our future pioneers, the children, on how to understand the value of the sustainable resources provided to us by Mother Earth.

    It seems that you are aligned with both my advocacy and that of Energime University.

    I would like to extend an invitation to you to apply for an Ambassadorship with Energime University.

    Please do feel free to contact me. My email address is

    I hope you enjoy this summer. In addition, if have an opportunity to meet sometime in the future, promise me you will show me how to make almond milk.

    Thank you for your advocacy,

    Norma Burnson
    Author / Publisher
    SFFTG / The EUC2 Press




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