Electricity Now

Hello valued readers,

My focus this month is about electricity reduction. We all know we should turn out the lights when we leave a room… Electricity isn’t only consumed when you turn something on or off, it’s also surging through the appliances and chargers we leave idle. So if you’d like to save more money, take that extra step to unplug the microwave or your phone charger after use.

Another point I’d like to address is our dependence upon electricity and the detriment it causes on our mental and physical health. We are becoming more aware of the impact our phones or televisions can have towards our sleep patterns. Doctors advise the latter to be turned off for about 30 minutes prior to rest. So if you are having problems going to bed at night or staying asleep, adjust your nightly habits accordingly.

Lastly, I must stress the use of natural lighting vs electricity… Use as much daylight as you can! Not only would you be saving money, you would undoubtedly be saving yourself a headache/migraine at the end of the day. As a student, I know how crippling florescent lights can be at exhausting periods of time. This is why I enjoy natural light (and remember Thoreau and Walden?).

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Until next time,

R. Whitfield

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