A Chance for YOU to Learn about Green Living at Albright (Also, Free Punch!)

We’re making plans at the Sustainability House! We recently had a house meeting to decide what we want to accomplish this year. The overarching house goal for this semester is to increase our presence on campus.

As members of the House, we are obligated (I think privileged, but I really like the Affinity House) to work on a project to improve Albright in a way that makes the campus more sustainable (so a way that makes the campus more improved, if you ask us). But we’ve been running up against the reality that there just aren’t a lot of outlets for people who want to make Albright more sustainable to make an impact because there aren’t many programs that encourage sustainability on campus. It sucks being given the opportunity to do something for the school and then having no one care about your cause. So, this semester, we want to host a series of events to actually inform people about the Sustainability House and living sustainably at college.

The event I am going to be hosting is what I’m calling the Green Living Round Table. You might have seen advertisements that I put up for it last year. That was a mess. I decided to host these events way too late in the semester to make an impact. But, I still believe in the necessity of it so I’m going to try again this year. The Round Table is going to be a discussion group that meets weekly at the Sustainability House where the topic of discussion will center around a living sustainably, with a new topic each week, to give people a chance to share methods to live sustainably, what makes sustainably interesting, and what makes it difficult. I think it is going to be a real gift to allow people who are already interested in green living a way to support, talk to, and learn from each other. It’s been a real boon for us who live in the Sustainability house to be able to live with peers who actually care about preserving the environment, because the Green Movement has really died out from the mainstream in recent years. It was really hard keeping up the drive to live sustainably when no one else we knew saw the point in doing so. I can’t overstate how important it is to find people who believe in what you do if you want to make a difference for the better, and we at the House want to give that same sense of purpose to every closeted ecophile who wants to share in it with us.

If you are interested in talking with people who want to live green and sharing  your experiences or just listening to what other people have to say, join us at the Sustainability House next Thursday, February 6, at 7 pm. We’ll save you some punch (no, really, I make a mean snack-spread) Keep an eye out for more events from the Sustainability House, and don’t relent if you want to live the way your supposed to! -Blake F. A. C.

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