Adjusting to Autumn

Hello everyone,

As Autumn has finally sunken in (notable given the changes/effects of weather patterns, shorter daylight hours, drop in temperatures) there are some changes that one may notice when adjusting to the change in season.

One of the main items addressed thus far in the Sustainability House is the concern for central heating and appropriate temperature(s) that would be energy efficient to support our mission. We found that 65 °F (auto), kept the house comfortable compared to outdoor temperatures. Additionally, 65 °F might not feel as snug in the morning, due to the increase in body temperature while asleep; keep faith, that the steady 65 is more efficient.

Feeling tired? As the daylight decreases with the setting of the season, your body lacks the vitamin D that is naturally supplemented by the sun- this causes you to feel groggy and fatigued. Drink your orange juice to help balance this change!

Fall is a gorgeous season, and a perfect opportunity to go outside and be active! It doesn’t have to be extreme cross country, merely walking about enjoying the crisp air and colorful foliage is beneficial to your well being.


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