Every Drop Counts

Hello readers!

My name is Regina Whitfield, one of the Sustainability House members for the 2016-2017 academic year; majoring in Environmental Science.

My experience so far? Living in a sustainable fashion isn’t strange or impossible, it’s smart and mindful of our future generations. The one aspect I had feared before living here happened to be water limitations (ie 5 minute showers!). Now that I’ve adjusted to the time limit, I’ve found that a lot can be accomplished in 5 minutes! Thinking back on my 10-15 minute shower days, I’ve wasted so much water for the sake of merely taking my good old time. Luckily, I’ve found timed showers to be a breeze.

Another task involving water in every day life is laundry. A decent amount of water can be wasted if you don’t set the machine to the suit the load. Remember to wash your dirty laundry to the appropriate size and water temperature setting(s).

Irrefutably, some leave the bathroom sink faucet running whilst brushing their teeth.I can admit to doing the same. Fortunately, this was a habit I was able to break when I shared a bathroom with several other girls, dorm life. My tip to those who are still mesmerized by the running water, try focusing on other items in your surroundings and turn the water on only when you need to rinse or clean up.

The more conscious you become of your daily habits, the more money and resources you’ll be able to save! This is something college students should consider as they get places of their own. This in turn would support more financially stable and green minded young adults who can lead further generations towards a better future.

Until next time,

R. Whitfield


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