A Farewell to my college home

 Hiya Readers,


From my move in day in August 2014, I was eager and excited to learn more about living sustainability and being able to learn and teach about the importance of living sustainable to my fellow classmates, peers and younger generations. For the past two years I have called the Sustainability House my home, it will be a bitter sweet day next week when I am moving out for the end of my time in the house. I am so excited to move onto my new apartment and take all the lessons learned in the house and apply them on my own and see the impact I can make on my friends and family outside of the house. I am sad to leave because for the past two years I have grown as a person who is trying to reduce their impact on the environment. Looking back after my two years I can recall how I had no clue what I was getting into by joining this program, but from my time I have learned so much from my fellow housemates and the lessons we have learned on sustainability. I am forever grateful of the opportunities that this house has given me.

The beginning of year one to current day I have had seven peers live beside me and each one of them has taught me more about sustainability or the difficulties that come with trying to alter our habits that have been a part of us since we were young. From the first year where we were unsure how to track our data to trying to figure out what we were should be changing as time went on. With the development of the way we recorded data change so did our habits. Long showers and endless hours with the lights on when they were not needed turned into competitions to see who could reduce their time in the shower or get to the light first and turn it off when we left a room.  My house mates have been there to push me to do more and allow me to push them so we can move forward as a group.

I have had ups and downs with living sustainable, there were many rough days wanting to come home and take a long shower, sometimes they happened and other times I would climb in the shower and after five minutes feel like it was a life time, the house has taught me by making myself aware of my surroundings allows me to alter my actions. There has been many ups as well, days that I have been moved by the passion that I see when we teach the 13th and Union classes about what we do, the way they are eager to learn. The house has given me confidence to follow passions I have always have but down a path I would have never found without this program. I know that once I leave this house behind, I will take my habits with me and it will always be a part of my way of life.

I want to thank this house for the memories of laughs, tears and memories! I also want to wish the new and returning members of future years to embrace everything that this house and program has to offer.

So this is a farewell to my college home as I take its lessons and memories to guide me into my future!

XO, Aly

PS I want to thank all of my readers for supporting me these past two years, I wouldn’t have been able to do it without you!

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