5 Minute Showers?!?!?!!?

Hey Readers!

Well it’s getting near the end of school year and everything is begging to get very stressful. With test and papers coming up it is difficult to keep living in a sustainable manor, but we are still going strong. The biggest thing is we are teaching more people about living sustainable. Whenever we have people over they always notice and ask about our info graphics. They are eager to learn what they can do to help reduce their affect on the environment and other ways they can be more sustainable. They often give us other ideas for ways we can help better educated the local campus and neighborhood and what they would also like to see in the house.

The one thing that everyone asks about is our new shower head that places a time restriction on how long you can be in the shower. We began this experiment by setting the timer to eight minutes. At the begging of April we decreased the time to five minutes. This is where it gets very tricky to time out your shower. Luckily for me I have not had been needing to take a lot of showers since I broke my foot, but the others are finding it difficult to shower in the allotted time. The timer works by giving you notice one minute before the time runs out. When time runs out the water pressure is decreased to about 10% of the original flow. I had to learn the hard way that if you turn the water off the timer has to reset its self. This new tool is allowing us to be even more conscious of our water consumption. Even though it is very easy to stand in the shower for 15 minutes after a long day, we must use this to remind us of our goal as a house. When we go home, we are all talking to our families and friends about this and how it has become second nature for us to take shorter more efficient showers.

Overall the house is still going strong. We are preparing for our final projects which include more info graphics and making the house more tour friendly and creating new gardens in the front of the house. Unfortunately Mother Nature has not been that cooperative and we have been dealing with extreme weather conditions. These conditions have not allowed us to begin the planting, but we have been able to use the time to figure out what we want to do. We are excited to start getting more spring time weather and be able to enjoy the outdoors. We have been noticing more people walking around outside and along campus instead of driving. We are hopeful that the students will begin to take advantage of the weather before the conditions get to hot or in this case, begin snowing again.

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