Winter is Coming

As the days get colder and the nights get longer we are beginning to see that living in a sustainable manor is becoming more difficult.  We know it would be easy to simply leave the heat on all day even though that would drastically increase our gas consumption.  We are finding that if we leave it on at a lower heat at night, it makes it easier to get the house warmer in the morning when we are all awake.  We are also finding that allowing more sunlight in helps keep the house warm during the day when we are not here.  We have also been able to keep the house warm by taking out the window air-conditioning units.  By taking these units out we have been able to keep the cool air from coming in from the space between the windows and the units.  We are also looking for window coverings that will help keep the heat in.  Around this time last year we put plastic wrap along the windows as a way to keep them sealed and keep the heat in the house.  This year we are finding that just putting in the storm windows in is helping keep the heat in.  We will most likely put the plastic wrap on again when we return from fall break.

We are also planning our next house event, recycled holiday ornaments.  The ornaments will include snowmen made out of bottle caps and pieces of pallet wood that can be painted as snowmen or tree ornaments.  The main goal of this project is to show the members of the campus that they do not have to go out and buy new decorations every year when they can make their own with their friends and family.

With fall break fast approaching many of the members are planning on heading home for break from our studying and work at school.  With this we are also hoping to implement what we have learned here with our family and friends back home.  This always poses a challenge because often our parents are set in their own ways and are hesitant to change.  Every time I go home I always unplug the appliances that are not in use, this always frustrates my mom because she has to reach around to re-plug the appliance that she needs.  When home I always feel like my shower times increases because I am not as focused on how long I am showering.  I think that because of my new shower habits here, I will continue to take shorter showers then I normally do.  Overall we are all trying our best to stay focused on living in a sustainable manor, even though it would be very easy to love in an unsustainable manor in order to meet our comfort needs.

Until next time,


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