Tooth Paste, Heat and Convenience

Hiya Readers,

During this past week we held our first event of the semester! As a house we had discussed planning an event that would allow us to help our peers learn about small changes they can make in the products they use daily to improve their way of living sustainable. The idea came from an event last year with homemade facial scrubs to decrease the amount of microbeads, which are small plastic pieces that take many years to decompose and pollutes the water when it is washed down the drain. Our event this year was very similar but instead of face scrub, we decided making tooth paste would be beneficial for our peers. The tooth paste we made during the event consisted of baking soda, sea salt, filtered water and essential oils. Homemade tooth paste allows for us to create less packaging waste because it can be stored in glass containers that we had collected from my young niece while she still ate from baby food jars. Also this tooth paste, even though it is kind of salty, is safe to swallow without the worry of fluoride, which is present in commercial  products.

The time of year has come when the days become shorter and the weather gets colder which will lead us to using our lights more often because the access to natural light will be shortened. With the winter months approaching we will begin to use more electricity to provide light and heat for the house. From experience last year we noticed an increase in gas and energy as the weather became colder and the need for the heat to be on became constant.  With the winter months approaching we plan to see the increase in usage but we will try to maintain the mindset to keep reducing our usage as much as possible.

The end of the semester is rapidly approaching and the easiness of convenience will start to push its way into our lives and living sustainable may begin to falter but as a group we must continue to encourage each other to keep our hard work going. The stress of the final weeks of the semester might try to sway us to return to our ways of making unsustainable choices because they are more convenient for us. While convenience is an easier route to take we must take the time to consciously make sure we are picking the route that is more sustainable because it will be more beneficial for us to break our old way of living to a more sustainable way. If  we continue to make the sustainable choices no matter what is going on in our day to day lives, those choices will eventually become the convenient choices in the future.



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