New Beginnings

Hi Everyone,

My name is Jessica and I am a junior from Little Falls, New Jersey. I am an education major with a co-concentration in childhood and families studies living in the sustainability house. This may cause you to think, “Why is she living there as an education major?” I am living here not only to learn effective ways to live sustainable but how I can pass it on to future generations as a teacher. Many children of this generation do not know what it means to live sustainable. They are unaware of what an impact living unsustainably has on the environment. This year I’d like to pass on the information I learn to children that I work with at the Albright Early Learning Center.

With three weeks down, I seem to finally get the hang of things. The first week was rough because I am used to taking long showers. I had to cut down my shower times and I am still getting used to it. I also learned what is and is not recyclable as well as how to compost. It’s been a lot to get used to but I think we are making good progress. Coming into this house I was really nervous and excited at the same time. I was nervous because I do not know a lot about recycling, or composting. I cannot wait to learn more about how to help the environment anyway possible.

My chore this month is to monitor how much water we are using. I have a white board in the bathroom where housemates as well as guests tally their flushes and write down their shower times. Every other week I collect the data and add up all the shower times. What I’ve noticed so far by my first data entry is how many flushes we use in a week and how much time we spend in the shower.

This semester we are looking to try demo a new showerhead. This showerhead helps reduce the water being used as well as limits shower times. It has an LED light that will start with blue when it is first turned on and as your time progresses it will change to green and once it turns red you have been in the shower for too long. With replacing our old showerhead we will be able to monitor how much water is being saved. We hope that the demo goes well and hopefully purchase it at a later date. Below is a picture of the showerhead we will be demoing.


shower head

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