Becoming A Memeber of the Sustainability House!

Hi Everyone,

My name is Hannah and I am one of the new members of Albright’s Sustainability House. To give you a little background about myself, I just started my junior year as an Environmental Studies major. I live not too far away in Philadelphia with my parents and many pets. I absolutely love animals and was lucky enough to land an internship at the Philadelphia Zoo this past summer. I had such an amazing experience combing the two things I love most: working with animals and educating people of all ages about the importance of recycling and living more sustainably.

As for living in the Sustainability House, I love it! I would be lying if I said it was an easy transition but I have already learned so many new things. A few challenges I’ve faced in the past month included learning what is recyclable and what is not, and turning things like lights and appliances off once I am done with them. Fortunately, my bad habits are already starting to change; all it takes is a little practice.

One thing I am looking forward to is our projects that will be starting on Monday. Four of the five of us living here are taking an Anthropology class together where we were given an assignment to come up with a project to get people to engage in a more sustainable behavior. My project is called ‘Saving Roger the Fish’. (For those who don’t know, Roger is our pet Beta Fish) I created a poster that shows everyone’s imaginary ‘fish-tank’ and each week I will set a new minute goal. As the sustainability house, we already keep track of our shower times but there is currently no incentive to try and push ourselves to take shorter showers. My goal is to get everyone to want to take shorter showers by making it a competition and giving them a reward incentive. The person who has the most water in there ‘fish-tank’ at the end of the 3 week project will win a prize. I’m also curious to see if even peer pressure will play a role. I also hope that if my project is successful that we will all continue the behavior.

Here’s how the project works! Collectively, we average a shower time of about 6 minutes. Since my project is over the course of 3 weeks I’m am going to make weekly goals and see how far everyone is willing to go. Week one I will challenge myself and the rest of the house to take their showers under 7 minutes. Week two I will challenge under 6 minutes and week three under 5 minutes or 4 depending on how everyone is doing. Since the project is called ‘Saving Roger the Fish’ I want everyone to be able to see how they are doing compared to everyone else. I am going to make a poster on which everyone will have their own ‘fish tank’. For every 5 seconds that they go over the minute goal, their ‘fish tank’ will lose water. At the end of each week the person who has the most water in their tank will be rewarded! Hopefully this gives us the kick-start we need to start saving even more water!

Until Next Time,

Hannah     Fish

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