Is Living Sustainable really a far fetch?

Hiya Readers,

Finally we are in the swing of the semester and we are starting to push ourselves more and more to change the small everyday things we do. After a rocky start we finally have the data sheets for our monitoring up and running with a few minor holes which will be filled this month as we start adding more monitoring to the amount of water we use and the replace for the efergy meter. With a new energy meter finally here, Tom and I will be able to show the new house members how to read the meter to see the amount of electricity we are using. We even had the excitement of showing Hannah how we spike energy just by accidentally leaving a light on that we no longer need. This small additions will give us more information to be able to look into the way we can reduce our uses across the board including trash, water and energy while across increasing the amount of food we can compost and items we can recycle.

Something has repeatedly come up lately is when I explain to strangers that I live in the Sustainability house many times people seem eager to know what we do or there is this look that gives me the impression they think we are some green movement activist who are going crazy. The movement to be more sustainable and make the effort to “green” our way of life is a movement that I believe has more to do with just recycling. We have to do more than just recycling, We have to be more proactive in preserving our planet. while recycling is important we need to do more than just that to be more proactive. Some things we can do is buying locally and supporting small businesses to cut the impact of food transportation down which is reducing the size of our carbon footprint. Also we must be more conscious of the products we are using and where they go after we have disposed of them.

This past month three of the house members and myself have been working on projects for our Ecological psychology class where we have created projects to see how our human psychology is effected when we try to change the way we do every day things. Two of the projects have dealt with food- Tom has made us open our eyes to where our food comes from by making us log the location in which our food products have come from. For the past two weeks when I walk through the store looking for my usual grocery list, I tried to look for local products, and sometimes I just grabbed what I usually buy out of habit but when I got home to log my products it made me really think about looking for different products that are more local than just buying what I always buy. for my next trip to the store i made the effort to look for more products that are local and I did just that while searching for baking materials, I usually buy the town house brand of chocolate chips and when I picked them up I checked to see where they are manufactured and when it wasn’t local I went on to look for another brand that was. This may not be a large movement but with this project my goal is to start changing more and more products.

The more we learn within this house the more I want to teach my friends and family how easy it is to make small changes that will hopefully make an impact if we can get more and more people to make the movement towards preserving our planet.

Hope everyone is enjoying the beauty of the changing season!


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