Week 2

Two weeks down and only a few hiccups.  The new members are learning quickly that living sustainably can be a challenge, but can be done.  We’ve begun monitoring shower times and are already in competition for who can take the shortest shower (while still getting clean).  We are averaging around 4 minutes a shower.  It’s difficult for me since I take two showers during the day, in the morning after working out and one at night after practice.  Even taking the two showers I am able to keep my total times around 5 total minutes a day.  Soon we plan on setting goals for keeping our total times below a certain time.

This week we finally received some much needed rain!  Thursday brought an all day rain which helped cool everything off and allowed us to open all the windows to keep the house cool at night and during the day.  We have been trying to use our air conditioning units less but when it is 95 degrees if you turn them off the house gets too hot.  One thing I have noticed is that the house is keeping cool air in now that there is new shoe molding on the baseboard.  Last year for my house project I added new shoe molding and caulk to the baseboard in all the rooms on the first floor.  We can now see that this is working and keeping the hot air out and the cold air in.  Along with the rain we also received a surprise power outage.  We wanted to see how that will affect our energy consumption, but our energy meter is acting up and not recording our data.

We are begging to make plans for future projects and showings of the house.  Over the summer I began to build furniture out of reclaimed pallet wood.  I made a coffee table, television stand, a night stand for my bedroom, a container to hold the trash and recycling, along with a few others.  I got into this when I was home because I saw an AC company just throwing out all of their clean pallets.  I went up one day and looked around and saw that the wood was relatively clean and straight.  From there I began to build.  It is hard to keep building up at school, simply because I do not have access to all of my tools.  However within the next week or so I plan on trying to find more pallets and start building more pieces.  (If anyone has any more ideas of what to build post them in the comments.)

We are very excited about this year and can not wait to get our plans moving and continuing to educate Albright and the community on how to live sustainable.


pallet furniture

Some of the furniture I made over the summer

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