Welcome Back to Year Two of Grappling with Sustainability

Hiya readers,

Welcome back to the second year of the Sustainability House! We are ready to get back into the flow of classes and living sustainable!

Our goals for the year are to be able to improve the methods we had established last year and increase our amount of public education to bring the knowledge to the campus and our friends and family.

This year we are hoping to make improvements to our objectives last year by improving how we monitor the uses in the house as well being conscious of the products we are bringing into the house and what is going back out. We hope to try new ways of changing every day things like what products we use to clean our house and how we can reuse older things,like t-shirts as rags.

We have hopes to be able to spread awareness to the area while working with our fellow classmates and peers on campus as well as the younger generations in the area. Spreading awareness about living sustainable and making a strong effort to change the way we use the earth will only be beneficial to the future we are looking to.

I am very excited to see how the program grows and to be able to participate for a second year- I can’t wait to see how the house strives to better our way of living sustainable and what we will learn and teach each other as the school year goes on. Being a returning member I am excited to see how a different group of people react to the struggles and successes of making the conscious effort to make an improvement in our usage.

Stay tuned for all of our exciting plans this coming year!

XO Aly

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