We make everyday Earth Day here

Happy Earth Week Readers!

Did you know that this year was the 45th year of celebrating Earth day? Most people spend Earth day planting trees, collecting garbage, cleaning up the coral reefs, signing petitions, and planning for a better environment and better planet which is exactly what we tried to do here at Albright During Earth Week

I hope you all were kind to the Earth this week during its celebratory week and I hope you continue to treat the Earth with love every day! This week the Albright Environmental Campus Outreach (ECO for short) spent the week educating the members of campus to be environmentally friend. We promoted the campus to take a pledge to be environmentally friendly by altering one aspect of their daily lives that would benefit the earth. We had a great turn out and we continued to work on campus educating others about ways to be friendly in small actions. The weeks events included ECO trivia quizzing many students about the impact of water, plastic and other wastes that we produce, Tree planting with Dr. Samuelson who explained to us about the importance of native trees and the need to keep the trees on campus native, Wednesday the ECO club had a campus wide clean up to remove the trash that was around campus and teach the importance of not littering because it can enter into the water ways, Thursday the club worked with the Horticulturist on campus to prune the plants around the pond and clean up the leaf litter that was around campus. On Friday we had an eARTh night where we worked hand in hand with many other clubs such as the Volunteer Center, Astep, The Breakfast club, AC2, enactus, Less Than or Equal to Improv and the American Chemical Society to show the visitors of the event how to use recycled materials to make art and other activities to be friendlier to the earth. This weekend we also kicked off the gardening season with Permablitz in the Albright Community garden where we had some therapy working the garden to be ready to plant and start the season!

The sustainability House members are excited that spring has finally sprung and stuck around for more than a couple of days. With final projects under way we are slowly growing more and more excited with the final outcome of them. We are also preparing to show the campus what we have been doing all year with our Experience event on Thursday at 7 pm  where we will be explaining the monitoring of our chores and the impact we have seen in the many experiments we have done throughout the year! We are very excited for the end of the year and to have so many opportunities to be able to see our hard work in action!

So long for now and enjoy the weather of the season!


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