Spring is Here!

This week we saw something we haven’t seen in awhile… A warm and sunny spring day!  As the days get longer and warmer we are begging to find ourselves spending more time outside, whether it be having our weekly house meetings on the porch, enjoying Albright baseball games, or just spending time outside with friends, we really don’t need an excuse to be outside.  As a result of the warmer weather we have put our screens back in the windows and doors which help put fresh air back in the house.  Our house is staying cooler at night now and warmer during the day as a result of this.  We haven’t had the heat on as much this week so we are hoping that we will begin to see a drop in our gas consumption and energy usage. We think that these warm temperatures are finally here to stay.

Along with warm temperatures we were also given the news that we were approved to begin working on our house projects.  Mine is one of the easiest so we are probably going to start on that one as soon as we get our materials.  We have already begun to disassemble the wall in the basement and as soon as we get the final approval on that we are going to start painting the wall and the rest of the house.  Teddy has been doing research on grants and has found that solar panels are a possible option.  Our goal is to have several projects done and started by the time we present our information to the school at the end of the semester.  Hopefully next week we will have pictures of the changes to the house!!

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