The Price of Progress: A Two Sided Coin

Last weekend, while lying in painful boredom, I decided to surf the World Wide Web for an entertaining environmental documentary. Finding few with a simple Google search, I turned to the oh mighty Netflix. That is how I found Surviving Progress. The breathtaking 86 minute film is based off the book A Short History of Progress by Ronald Wright.

The idea of the film is to show the progress of humanity. Things progress in the sense that they change, but progress can be positive and negative. Progress can work against humanity, one example given in the film is how ancient tribes hunted the Woolly mammoth by forcing an entire herd off a cliff, they progressed too far. This type of hunting helped lead to the extinction of the Wooly mammoths and drastically affected our ancestors’ way of life. In today’s society we seem to be progressing too far. We find more and more “effective” ways to strip the Earth of natural resources, and look for self-gains without taking into account the effect it may be having on the world. It seems sometimes that we, the United States especially are acing in the same way our ancestors did.  How do we curve progress and use it to better humanity and help mother Earth?

I would recommend this film to anyone! If you do not have a Netflix account it is available for free on YouTube, I will leave a link below. Hope you enjoy and feel free to comment back on the film.

Surviving Progress:

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