Maybe Spring has sprung ?

This week was spring break so the sustainability house was empty and quiet. While home for break I realized how much work we put into the house. I remember looking for the tally sheet for when I showered or flushed the toilet. Also I was looking for the energy meter to constantly see how much energy  was being used. Without being in the house I found myself always double checking to make sure everything I was doing was the same at school- I won’t lie my showers were a little longer at home but everything else I was pretty much the same. While being home I realized that laziness is a large problem when it comes to being more conscious of what we do in the house – I could not tell you how many times I had to follow behind my younger sister and turn off the lights in the room – she was constantly leaving lights on and I realized that being home I’m in an environment where not everyone is as conscious as I am and it made it easy to see the outsider’s perspective of just living life.  The house has already had a huge impact on how I can change my day-to-day life and maybe I can teach my sister how easy it could be to turn the light switch down as she leaves a room.


~ Aly

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