The Light Through my Window

As I lay in bed I have become quite familiar with a certain red a green alternating light that just happens to be set up perfectly to sneak past my blinds into my room. It is none other than the stock ticker light of the new business center, Roessner. What really questions me is, who needs to know stock value increases and decreases on Albright’s campus at 2 am. I can assure you that no one does, furthermore I know I don’t and the only thing that ticker does for me is shine a light through my window when I should be sleeping or cramming for exams. This leads me to think how easy it would be to simply unplug the thing or even better yet utilize a timer and only make it active during business hours, it seems like such an easy concept. Additionally it would be both ecologically and economically sound to not waste the energy to keep it running 24 hours for 365 days a year. People don’t realize how little things like that add up, even something as small as turning the lights off when you leave the room can have huge impacts. It doesn’t seem like such a big deal, but if you multiply that room times 7 (which may be the average amount of rooms per house) and then multiply that number times the number of houses in America, the amount of money and energy being thrown down the drain simply by not flipping a switch or unplugging something has the potential to be astronomical. And it would also help me sleep at night

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