Chill…..For Progress!

This month has been nothing but hope for spring time! The house is cold and the wind comes through cracks in the shoe molding making any heat pumped into the house seem like a waste or energy. We have wrapped the windows with cling wrap meant to keep the warm in, pulled down all of the thick storm windows, and finally cracked all the vents open from being painted shut. All of this chill has given the house members time in their beds snuggled under blankets and sweaters writing proposals for the development of the house. Each house member has to come up with e proposal for doing research into sustainable practices while using the house as the grounds for the experiment. We cover everything from water usage to muralism. My personal interest is labelled “curb appeal”. I will be, once the snow decides to melt, planting native Reading plants in the front of the house. We have two gardening plots, one on either side of the porch, waiting to be beautified. I will be planting native flowers to distinguish this house from the other student run houses, as well as documenting the growth of these plants along with any increase in insect population. My difficulty with this research will be finding native plants that we can grow that fit the student housing regulations, while still being able to be documented in growth and biodiversity.

The development of these proposals shows progress in the houses thinking. We are thinking into the future of things that will help those who come after us. This means that the research the current house members do today can be developed and continued into the coming years. Hopefully, this move into the future will continue and spread to the other houses. The houses original missions was to be an example for the other on campus houses in the ways to improve their environmental impact. This was seen as a somewhat forgone conclusion, however, as the year goes on it seems to be more of a thought in the back of the mind. When you walk up 14th street our house sticks out like a sore thumb. Every house on the street is lit up like there is someone with the need of site in every room of the house. When you look at our house there are no lights on. The house would be presumed vacant by any random street walker, while five studious environmentally conscious students dwell within. This is a blaring example of how the Albright community could improve. We try to reach out to the houses around us, even for events, and are met with resistance more than anything else. We are hoping to change this in the upcoming weeks by hosting several campus wide events such as an all natural face scrub making party and work with the 13th and Union school kids. The blogs to come will keep all of you readers up to date on any progress or events to come! Stay tuned for the progress to come!

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