Brrr…. It’s still cold!

With single digit temperatures and below zero wind chill our house has been going through gas. Over 100 cubic feet in the past two weeks to be exact. This is more than double what we were normally going through in the fall and early winter. We have installed an extra layer of insulation around all the windows. It was a $15.00 kit at Lowes and according to Aly was “a heck load of fun to install!!” We have also been truing down the thermostat in the house while no one is home and during the hottest part of the day, but they both seem to be helping minimally.

We have future plans for the house to reinsulate and be updated to LEED certification standards. Each house member is doing a research project on a certain aspect of improving the house. Tom is currently researching more efficient and sustainable ways to mitigate heat loss and gas usage. Which according to the past two winters is greatly needed.

Another issue the winter weather has posed to the house is an environmentally friendly deicer. The schools faculties, for the most part, does all the shoveling and gave the house a bag of commercial deicer. For starters it’s blue and has other harmful chemicals to aid the melting process. All of which create a potently dangerous run off, epically with the Albright organic garden in our back yard we want a more environmentally friendly option. As a house we would like to try and use kosher salt on the next winter storm. Kosher salt doesn’t contain unneeded chemicals and other additives that other commercial deicers have.

If you have any winter sustainability ideas we would LOVE to hear them, feel free to leave a comment.


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