“Brrr, its freezing in here-whats the thermostat at?”

The new semester has got the Sustainability house searching for warmer days and fresh air blowing in the house. The first three weeks back to campus have been very cold and we have struggled with agreeing on the temperature for the thermostat the down stairs is heating up a lot faster than the upstairs and we have the constant struggle of having the battle of finding a temperature to keep our usage of gas down. It has been a struggle to make this frozen winter sustainable but we are trying to examine or options. A new idea we’ve had is to turn the thermostat down when we are in classes because there is not as much traffic through the doors and at nigh when it get to be bitterly cold turn the thermostat up a few degrees.

The cold does not have us down too much we are trying our best to lessen our usage while still being in an environment in which we can comfortably live. Also the cold has allowed us to have great laughs of the morning conversations the cold brings (don’t worry when its bright we have gloves!)   The house is trying very hard to keep the doors closed and try to contain the heat within, last semester before we went home for the holidays the windows in the dinning and living room along with the boys room were wrapped and sealed to eliminate any cold air from entering while the winter grew colder and colder.

The house is well underway in the second semester and we are ready to face the challenges of becoming more sustainable within the house and new and exciting ways to teach others to do the same. The spring will bring the vegetable garden back and the plans of local plant gardens. We also have some very exciting plans on showcasing simple tips to the campus on how to be more sustainable and make an impact within their dorms and within their homes.

We are looking to warmer weather and the exciting new ideas and plans we have for the semester! Keep up with the blog and see the plans that are coming up this semester and the excitement of building the sustainability house to continue to grow and be an educational process for the people living in the house and members who are learning through our development as a sustainable living house!

Until next time


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