Why not use the fully functioning toilet? Science that’s why!

This week we decided to start our Sunday night off with shutting the bathroom toilet,we came to this decision after talking about the impact a non-water efficient toilet verse the efficient new toilet that has been installed in our basement. Sure it sound like a great plan – shut down one toilet to see the difference in water from last week to this week. In the name of science sure it was a great idea until night-time when living on the second floor we realized that running to the bathroom was longer than usual, we shortly learned that the basement is slightly creepy once the sun goes down for the night… The adjustment to this experiment we have happening this week has given us insight to the use of the toilet and how it can impact our water usage from week to week and month to month. We are starting to experiment with the way we can change the way we impact the world around us in many ways with in the house – we have talked to people outside of our small household and have begun to look into ways to change what we are doing to better the future of the house.

This week coming up we have decided to look at the impact of a shorter shower will have to the water and gas usage for our weekly reports of the use in the house. We plan to have the shower time be about 7 minutes person and we plan to take the numbers of water and gas usage and see the impact of the shorter showers has on our weekly usage. We as a house have decided that by testing these resources being used and measuring our differences that we will be able to find a better was to converse our use and teach others how they can make basic changes to their ways. Trying to cut back on our daily habits are hard because we have grown accustom to the long showers singing the concert of your life or being to enveloped in the warm water to want to turn it off and get out. The amount of water we waste because we are accustom to certain luxuries have to be broken to be able to make a difference in the use of water used.

We are excited to see the results of both tests to see the changes we can make in the house and then take those results and change the way we use water in our homes back home and teach others around campus that it is easy to take shorter showers to conserve water and if enough people stick to a quick shower then an impact can be made on campus, or the city or even a county.  The sustainability house is willing to take a stroll through the dark creepy basement to be able to use a more efficient toilet and have times showers to be able to shower the campus the easy efforts it is to be more conscious of the resources we usually take for granted.


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