New Friends

In the past few weeks at the sustainable living house we have had some amazing guest come and visit. Two of which stand out above the rest, Coach Mark Smallwood and Carrol Clouse. Both come from two different work backgrounds, but are committed to helping the environment. Mark Smallwood has been promoting organic agriculture, environmental stewardship, efficiency and conservation for more than 30 years. He is the executive director of the Rodale Institute and on his Walk for an Organic Planet made a stop at Albright College. Not only did he visit, but he gave hands on instructions and recommendations to the organic garden and sustainable living house. We hope to capitalize on his reconditions like building of planters and maximizing the space with in the sustainability commons between the organic garden and sustainable living house.

Another visitor we had was Carrol Clouse who is a sustainable architect in the Reading area with years of experience she is also the creator of Women in Nature: An Anthropology. She was giving us great insight on what living sustainable really is. She supposed we think about installing things a like composting toilets and talked about our awareness of the products we are using and the impact they might be having on our environment. She also put in motion the possibility of becoming a LEED certified house. Getting ideas form people like Carrol and Smallwood is extremely beneficial for the house because they are both people with in the field that have not just talked about helping the environment, but are something about it!

Our visitors have brought to light that if we truly want something to be done for the environment we have to work together. It cannot be done by one single law maker, activist or architect. Great minds with a common goal have to come together if we want real change, not just a bunch of hoopla. This is being seen our sustainable house right now! We hope and look forward to working with Carrol, Mark and many more to come on our journey to finding and living a sustainable life.

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