The Footprints We Leave

As we arrive to midterm’s week, living sustainably has shown us great insight to the way of making a consciousness effort of the output we put into the environment. It has opened my eyes to see the impact of footprints we can leave on this earth as we go through our everyday lives as busy college students. Weighing the groceries and products that we bring into the house and then we divide the output into three sections: trash recyclables and compost, recording the daily amount of water used and checking the energy levels each day may seem easy enough but then we add the hectic lives of five science major college kids involved in numerous activities makes things look easy on the surface but it is teaching us that our impact now will have effects later on no matter how easy it is to throw the peels into a trash bin rather than the compost bin.

With the trash we all watch what we throw out and make sure to teach each other about the impact one small piece of recycling in a trash bin can have by reminding each other that every day we must be conscious of what we are doing. We have learned about how to differentiate between what can and cannot be recycled and what can be composted. By making the conscious effort to make sure we separate the output properly we are getting lighter on our feet.

We can see the days when we use a lot more water and are conscious to figure out why, usually it is high when more than two people shower, or we washed a lot of dishes. We can try to cut back by taking a shorter shower, turning the water off while we wash the dishes and our teeth. With electricity we see that that days when multiple people have done laundry the energy spikes during those hours and we try to think of efficient ways of lowering that such as hanging more clothes to dry so we do not have to use the dryer for as long.  The energy we also cut back the amount lights on in the house and what we leave running during the day while we are at  class.

Living sustainably has shown to be challenging because there always has to be a conscious effort to make sure you are watching what you use when it comes to water and electricity. Also it shows how as a society many are careless just to throw everything in one bin and make no effort to separate the trash recycling and compost into their own containers and be smart about the footprint you are leaving behind. We can only treat the earth so poorly before it erases out footprints from it completely.

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